2-to-a-cart | Reserve debuts plexi-glass fix

Reserve Run has fitted its fleet of golf carts with a plex-glass insert the has been approved by health officials — allowing 2 players per cart. Below is an explainer of the cart as well as the course’s entire Covid precautions. == Around the Club House, use these procedures when arriving and checking in: • Follow all posted signs while on property • Walk up to the Club House observing proper distancing • Line up down the path every 6ft (follow the markings) • Stop at the bag rack (Stop Sign), check in, and get your cart • Head to the Tee • Please do not congregate while waiting to tee off Food and Drinks • The Snack Shop has moved upstairs to help everyone spread out, please use the side deck and we can service you from the window. When the Snack Shop is closed limited food and beverage will be available in the pro shop. Entering the Club House • As we enter into the next phase and customers are allowed to enter the Club House, we ask that no more than 3 be inside at a time • 1 at a time for Check-In • 1 at a time for each of the restrooms (1 for men’s, 1 for women’s) • Masks are MANDATORY for anyone entering the building. This is for your safety and the safety of our staff. • For those without a mask, check-in can be done at the window and portable restrooms are available outside. New Cart System We are happy to announce the installation of our custom-built poly-carbonate (plexiglass) cart dividers that separate the driver and passenger. The system was designed in conjunction with (and approved by) the Health Department and allows 2 players to safely ride in a cart. As a result, we are now able to return to our normal tee time schedule and cart rules. Please note that all tee times will be assigned up to 2 carts per group. If you desire a single cart we are happy to accommodate, please ask in advance when making your tee time as supplies are limited and they may not be available. All our carts are completely sanitized with a CDC specifically approved chemical rated to kill the Covid-19 Virus. And when we say “completely” we mean it. We spray down all touchable surfaces including steering wheel, seat, handles, back basket, bag straps, and clips. We always encourage our customers to bring their own wipes and sanitizer, but wanted you to know we keep our standards high. On the Course Golf Leagues We are excited to get the season rolling and see everyone again. We have been in touch with your league captain and you have no doubt heard some of the new plans. But just a reminder: Please show up slightly before your tee time, allowing you just enough time to check-in, get drinks, and head to the tee. There is limited space around the Club House and we can’t allow gatherings. Pre-Pay is now available. As described in earlier communications you have the ability to apply credit to your account allowing you to go directly to the tee and skip check-in at the pro shop. If you have any questions please call us in the shop and we can walk you through Scoring, Skins, and other daily games will be different for each league. With the limitation on people in the pro shop, the old way of sign ups is no longer available. please check with your league captain for details specific to your league. The snack shop will be available (up on the deck) for all your F&B needs. To limit shared touch points all 6-pack special will be served in disposable to go bags instead of our coolers. We encourage you to bring your own cooler if its more convenient but remind you that outside alcohol in any form is strictly forbidden. Confirming the player roster the day before was a suggestion when we were limited on carts. Now that we can have 2 players per cart we have plenty of supply to accommodate your league.