Greatest Golfer: A new course for us

We are proud to invite you to The Greatest Golfer — an exciting expansion of what Valley golfers loved for 10 years. • Farmers National Bank, The Lake Club and Mill Creek Metroparks — our three Youngstown partners since Day 1 in 2009 — are ready to go, as is our epic summer competition calendar at our great course hosts, including Youngstown CC, Avalon, Tippecanoe, Trumbull, Salem, Tam O’Shanter, Reserve Run, Pine Lakes and Salem Hills. • Greatest is now a digital golfer community — a growth from just being an events source. Email newsletters will be our key connection point. Please get to and signup for our Greatest Golfer newsletter. We will have supporting social channels at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We invite you to immediately Like, Follow and Subscribe at the social of your choice. To establish this digital community, we need you. To stay up on all that we’re doing, you really want to join the email, and you kinda want one of the social channels. • You’re probably asking “What is a digital golfer community?” Greatest’s 2009 start fell nicely into an events gap in the Valley. The Vindicator had always hosted traditional area golf coverage: league scores, hole in one news, high school play, charity event photos, etc. The new Greatest wants to host all that golf fun. But as we dreamed, we dreamed bigger. We want Greatest to celebrate the golfer: The places you travel, the gear you try and buy, the wine and cigars you choose, the jokes you tell, the fun videos you take, and more. In short — golf competition meets golf culture. Stories, photos, videos, shots, gear, tips, fun. • We need you to make this work. Our outreach begins with this email and will continue all winter. COMMUNITY: Signup as noted above. Go to our website and get on the email list. COMMERCE: We need your investment. We are not looking for donations, though 😉 😉 Sponsorships are vital. We are crafting packages for $1,000 or so for division level, $5,000 or so for event level, and $10,000 and more for title level. The community we make becomes a community for sponsors as well. Branding, digital engagement, direct events, free samples, coupons, golf deals, product stories and videos, and more. Email Todd Franko at moc.l1721063498iamg@1721063498oknar1721063498fddot1721063498 right now to explore ways to invest in this next Greatest. If you like what we built already with Greatest, we promise you will like what we’re about to build.