Greatest players like the OnCore; Weekend deal

Greatest Golfer is up to 7 players who’ve ordered several dozen of the exciting new OnCore golf ball to hit the market.
Hubbard’s Josh Marsh smashes golf balls with his biceps and just cashed in at the Belleria-Mediate 2-player playing OnCore’s Vero X1s:
“Great ball actually. Was surprised. Durable. Seems to fly just as far as all the expensive models. AND you know what brand(s) I’m speaking of. Really soft feel around the greens. Putts and rolls true. So I’d give it high praise.”
Beaver Twp.’s Mick Engle sticks needles near peoples’ spinal cords for his day job, and with that precision, he said:
“I used to play Titleist V1x, and switched to Vice Pro Plus. I pulled out the OnCore balls for league and totally forgot I was playing a different ball. Flew off the tee; held the greens. Would feel comfortable playing these in competition.”