Here’s how to get in to HBK/Golf HQ Long Drive and Par 3 shootout

OK — it’s probably the MOST emails we have ever received about these two events. You’ve created a monster. So here’s what you need to know about the 2020 HBK / Golf Headquarters Long Drive & Par 3 Shootout Under the Lights Wednesday, Aug. 12 at Tippecanoe Country Club. The show starts at 6 p.m. We will award three divisions in Long Drive and one champ in the Par 3. Prizes sponsored by Tippecanoe and Golf Headquarters. Here are the details: • Long drive: We host the Valley’s best bombers for 300+ yards and 2 miles of total flight. Men’s, Women’s and Senior Men’s Divisions. Signups online starting Saturday. It’s $35. We have 23 spots total (15 men, 4 women, 4 seniors). We will open them up Saturday to our veteran mashers first. Then on Monday, they open up to everyone else. Sorry for the loyalty, but people have been with us for 6 years — and they hit the ball far far. That is more than just far. If you jump the gun and sign up early, you’re refunded and banished to putt-putt courses. (We might have to move to a qualifier this year or next as the interest keeps growing.) For Men’s play — here’s the thing about the Long Drive: If you can hit it 310 in July heat with the wind and downhill — it will not cut it in this. Here’s help to not embarrass yourself in front of Greatest’s toughest crowd: You need to hit it 300 when you toe it, and 310 uphill into a wind in February, and 325 yards when you just roll out of bed. So please: space is short, as is our pride. Use the above guidelines to decide to enter. It’s a tough walk back to the parking lot for the guys who crush it 290 yards. The pink is last year’s champ — Nick Braydich. After 322 yards, he was the man. Par 3: We are making room for 12 men, 4 women, and 4 senior men (60+) for the shootout. This event was pure bad-ass when it debuted last year. Valley Industrial Trucks takes us under the lights on No. 9 at Tippe. It happens after the Long Drive ends. There’s video on The Greatest Golfer YouTube. It’s cool. To get these coveted Par 3 spots, you must first be the best in qualifier hosted by our pals at Golf Headquarters. From Saturday July 25 until Aug, 2, they will host 10 shooters per day to qualify. You must email moc.l1721071294iamg@1721071294tseta1721071294ergre1721071294flog1721071294 to reserve a spot. Don’t Clark Griswold them and just show up. Email a time and a day to Greatest that you want to go, and you’ll be good — or given another day to choose from. You should time your stop after using the range at nearby Mill Creek or Kennsington courses. At Golf HQ, each player gets 3 warm-up shots on the practice range mode then 3 qualifying swings on Pebble Beach Hole #17. Qualifying distance of hole: men, 145 yards; senior men (age 60+), 135 yards; ladies, 105 yards The player’s qualifying score is total distance from the hole of all 3 shots added up. Again: We’re taking 12 men, 4 women, and 4 senior men. Qualifying at Golf HQ is free. Entry fee to the live event at Tippecanoe is $35. You will be linked after you qualify. The Par 3 is only open to registered 2020 Greatest players. Must be signed up in Greatest to compete in any Par 3 division.