‘Joe’ Dickey Juniors leaders with 2 qualifiers left

It’s coming down to 2 great events before our 11th Annual ‘Joe’ Dickey Electric Greatest Golfer juniors championship next week at Avalon Lakes — enhanced this year with a skills event the night before ¸— Thursday at Trumbull Country Club.


Tee times for Friday’s qualifier event at Olde Dutch: u17 Boys start teeing at 8 a.m., u14 boys on that tail, then u17 Girls start at 9:30.

Forecast calls for chance of rain. Dress properly.


• 2 more players will qualify Friday and Tuesday in each division for the championship. We will admit 5 players on points in the u17s and 2 players in the u14 Boys.  

• The photo is junior Anthony Cesario showing off his Greatest sticker on his driver. Every driver should have one. They’re free. Email us at moc.l1721066310iamg@1721066310tseta1721066310ergre1721066310flog1721066310 if you want a cool driver decal as well.


Below are our overall Junior standings and qualifiers, followed by the qualifiers for our u17 skills event.


July 23-24 Joe Dickey Electric 

Greatest Championship

12:30 Friday at Squaw Creek

Noon Saturday at Avalon Lakes

Qualified u17 Boys (+ 5 from Points)

Chaz Ekoniak  

Blake Hood    

Michael Porter           

Caleb Domitrovich     

Luke Eyster    

Bryce Van Horn          

Ryan Sam       

Zack Ross

? – Olde Dutch

? – Avalon Lakes        


u17 Boys Points Leaders

Nolan Williard 19

Nathan Kelly   15

Landen Cameron        15

Connor Daggett          11

Luke Rupeka   11

Paul Litrenta   10

Rocco Turner  9

Luke Ryan        8

Aidan Enoch    7

Ryder Kreps    7

Chance Laczko 6

Anthony G Cesario      5

Matthew Morelli        5

Nolan Ayres    4

Anthony Hall   4

Sachin Nallapaneni     4

Zack Ross        4

Nick Vassis      4

Timmy Domer 4

Nicholas Beistel          3

Jake DeLisio    3

Nicolas Folsom            3

Robert Lucarell           3

Drew Marzich 3

Beau Velasquez          3

Ian Less           2

Ken Montgomery        2

Sky Pappas      2

Niccolas Sabella          2

Ryan Brown    1

Bryce Daggett 1

Ian Donnelly    1

Anthony Garono         1

Caleb Gilmore 1

Luke Leskovac 1

Dominic Nohra            1

Brando Papalia            1

Thomas Pesa   1

Luke Roman    1

Noah Rusnak   1

Zac Saluga       1

Landon Wilson            1

Josiah Worsencroft     1

Joseph Carosella         0

Vince Havrilla  0

Tim Reardon   0

Trey Rigley      0


Qualified u17 Girls (+ 5 from points)

Ava Liburdi     

Alyssa Rapp    

Jayne Bernard

Madison Murphy       

Luciana Masters         

Kaitlyn Hoover

McKenzie Gustas       

Jocelyn Zhao

? – Olde Dutch

? – Avalon Lakes        


u17 Girls Points Leaders

Samantha Calderone  22

Matilyn Zines  16

Jackie Kinnick  15

Daniella Patrone         9

Olivia See        9

Sophia Covelli 7

Madalyn Rauzan 7

Johnna Shaw   6

Zoey Fick -Mills  6

Joselyn Bishara   4

Serena Grenga 4

Shaylee Muckleroy  4

Ashlyn Elford   3

Kate Pendleton   2

Courtney Williams  1


Qualified u14 Boys (+2 from points)

Mick Ambrose

Dante Turner 

Chase Zelesnak          

Ray McCune   

Alexander Eckstein    

Michael Garwacki      

CJ Brew          

Braeden Sallee

? – Olde Dutch

? – Avalon Lakes


U14 Boys Points Leaders

Trenton Hall 15

Matthew Morrone  10

Carter Fick-Mills   5

John Gialousis 3

Eliot Davis       2

Zander DiMuzio   2


Qualified u14 Girls

Kate Sowers   

Sophia Rivera 

Alyssa Zhang  

Lindsey Hoover          

Gianna Ross   

Kendall Johnson

? – Olde Dutch

? – Avalon Lakes        


u14 Girls Points Leaders

Cadence Elford  5

Taylor Morrone   4



July 22 Juniors Skills Championship

At Trumbull CC, 6 p.m. start

Qualifiers Thru Tamer Win:


U17 Boys

Long drive

Ryan Sam

Luke Eyster

Blake Hood


Closest to pin

Zack Ross

Rocco Turner

Blake Hood

Timmy Domer


U17 Girls

Long Drive

Samantha Calderone

Ashlyn Elford

Jocelyn Zhao


Closest to Pin

MacKenzie Gustas

Samantha Calderone

(More qualifiers to come from last 2 events)