Players sought for sunrise-sunset Greatest charity event

Hey Greatest Golfers, are you good for 4 hours around the golf course? Well, can you do 14 hours of golf in one day at a pace that will have you playing 160 or more holes by sunset? That’s the challenge of the Greatest Day of Golf — a test of endurance golf June 20 to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown. This is the third year of the event hosted by Trumbull Country Club and Caprice Health Care Centers. Greatest Golfer will let 15 golfers have a golf course to themselves for the day. In exchange, players must raise pledges for holes played, and then play as many holes as they can. The event has raised more than $40,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown in the 2 years it’s happened. In the 2020 debut of this event, Nick Braydich (left in photo) of Struthers and Brian Velasquez of Poland each played 204 holes in one day. Velasquez is an early commit to play in 2022. If you want this test of stamina golf and can raise money via pledges, email Todd Franko at moc.l1695661682iamg@1695661682oknar1695661682fddot1695661682.