Welcome to The Greatest Golfer 2023

I am the Greatest Guru — Todd Franko — opening the door to our 14th season.

We live at The Greatest Golfer. Com …. But you can also find us on YouTube, Instagram, Linked-In and Facebook. You should follow all of them, and also sign up for our email.

On those platforms, we offer stories, videos, interviews, photos, registration to our 20 events, links to our golf partners — AND MOST IMPORTANTLY — a guide to the sponsors who make Greatest happen. That’s what this video is about and we’ll get to that in a moment.

If you’re reading this — thank you.

Greatest has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

We started this in 2010. So Grateful to Farmers National Bank, The Lake Club, Mill Creek Golf Course, Trumbull Country Club and the community benevolence of Chris and Ed Muransky.

All of those groups are with Greatest today, as are Chris and Ed.

Many more people have joined in.

Greatest is:

Juniors — 8 weeks of play, 14 events and 1 awesome championship in July at Avalon Lakes. We have sent 70 high schoolers off to college golf opportunities.

Charity — a sunrise to sunset marathon at Trumbull Country Club has raised $60,000 in 3 years for Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown.

Adults — more than 370 adults will compete in one weekend in August at 8 of the best courses in the Valley.

Specialty Long Drive, Par 3 and 2-player events excite the community as well.

We are special — serving so many people over so many months — and I dare you to find anything else like it in the country.

I want to ask you this year to really understand who are our sponsors and the investment they make to ensure Greatest has all that it needs.

I ask and hope that you invest in them.

We have more than 30 sponsors that cover so many aspects of our lives:

  • Go out to eat?
  • Buy a car?
  • Need a Loan? Insurance? Accounting Help?
  • Kitchen, Bath, Home, Tile ?
  • DO you need to find a care facility for an elderly family member?

I make this pitch in this way because it’s vital to understand the relationship that exists and what we lose if we don’t make this a win-win for everybody.

Greatest is pretty bad-ass. I’ve tried to assemble similar Greatest events in 7 cities in the last 5 years. It hasn’t happened.

Lightning struck here in 2010 and I want to work to ensure it stays, and I really need your help. Sponsor names adorn every event. There is a page on our website. And we will offer this newsletter EVERY Wednesday this summer highlighting our sponsors. No golf in the Wednesday email. Just golf sponsors.

So — welcome to Greatest Golfer 2023.

We are better this year — as always — and we have a special thing going.

Please help me keep it going.

Invest in our sponsors.