With 2020 Greatest starting, a look back at 2019 champs

Golf is getting into full swing, and so is Greatest Golfer. We’ll plan and play as long as the laws and sponsors allow us. Greatest Golfer adult registration will begin June 1. Registration for our juniors play has already begun. First event there is June 9. As we unfurl the 2020 season, here’s one look back at our 2019 Greatest champs: Brandon Pluchinsky — Men Open Emily Robertson — Ladies Open Geno Bellatto — Senior Open Bob Leonard — SuperSenior Open JP Jones — Men 3-6 Jake Snyder — Men 7-9 Jay Crago — Men 10-12 Bradley Koch — Men 13-15 Dan Horacek — Men 16+ Chuck Montgomery — Senior 7-12 Fred Fisher — Senior 12+ Jean Scarsella — Ladies Net Pete Bennett — Super Senior 8+ Leah Benson — Girls u17 Jake Sylak — Boys u17 Sasha Petrochko — Girls u14 Rocco Turner — Boys U14