Greatest Golfer Covid Update

Greatest players — I hope you are managing as best as can amid these trying times. Our Greatest Golfer 2020 calendar is thrown — that is for sure. Not thrown is my desire to deliver Greatest in 2020 as laws and sponsor funding allows. My plan forward is this: When we are able to live again, I want Greatest to ignite Youngstown again just as it did in 2010. I want the same for Year 2 in Columbus (July 25-26). Greatest Golfer ignited the Youngstown golf community in 2010 and grew in scope each year — with more events, more fans and more sponsors. It is the Harley Davidson of Youngstown golf. I have no intention of stopping. I stand ready to make a 2020 sked that reflects what Mike & Amy (you’re watching; don’t lie) and the Gods allow. We will watch, adjust and announce. I expect Covid will cost some Greatest funders. If you have the ability to invest in Greatest sponsorship, we will need you this year in Columbus and Youngstown. Greatest’s formula is not rocket science. My 30-year career is making content and community. Sponsor investment connects you to a community that’s now 5,000-plus golfers. Each Greatest event is a $5K-$10K cost if we are to provide prizes, trophies, promotion, staffing — WHILE keeping player fees just slightly above normal golf costs. You know what is charged for other junior and adult tourneys — WAY above golf costs. That’s never been Greatest. A few businesses investing a couple thousand in marketing dollars into each Greatest event achieves our goal and partners you with a Greatest target audience. All of Greatest is here. Stay tuned and reach out to me if you want to help. moc.l1695288307iamg@1695288307oknar1695288307fddoT1695288307 or 330-314-3270. Stay safe, Todd